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I am interested in the production of Vickers and Vickers Armstrong sporting guns made between the wars from 1920 to 1940.

I keep a data base of serial numbers and am keen to expand this. All contributions will be kept anonymous.

I am interested in sidelock shotguns with 4 digit numbers - Vickers seems to start serialization at 1001 as these are likely to be made by Vickers or made for them to their specification.
I am also interested in Vickers boxlock SXS guns which seem to fall in the 50XXX and 90XXX serial number ranges. Two different makers perhaps.
I am interested in double barrel guns as well as the single barrel Vickers Vanguard.
All I need is a brief description including bore, sidelock or boxlock, ejector or non ejector if known and the serial number.
Same goes for any Vickers center fire bolt action rifle, just need calibre and serial number.
If you would prefer to contact me by e-mail it is:

Many thanks.

Alan David
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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