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John Wall
Posted - 03/05/2005 : 10:04:57 AM
Several weeks ago, I received three emails containing interesting pictures of an Italian Vetterli long rifle from our fellow Board member Ned ([email protected], here as "bayoned"). Ned asked me to post these pictures on the WW I and Italian Forums. Unfortunately, I downloaded the pictures and immediately left town for a few days on an unscheduled business trip and forgot about everything until this morning. With sincerest apologies to Ned, I am now posting this picutres and text below.
I am cross-posting this also on John Sheehan's WW I Forum.
Best Regards,

Ned wrote:

"Well, I'm back with another weird one.... an

It appears to be European walnut, the original rear Vetterli band has been nicely altered, the gun is FILTHY and the dirt and grease also include the handguard. I haven't disassembled it yet, but will soon. You can see file marks on the outside and it has the look of war-time depot work., rather than the handiwork of Bubba.

The comparison piece is a Russian inspected VV70/87.

Can you post this on Gunboards for me? I can't seem to get any photo to stick.

Does anyone know who might have altered this piece? Any photos of VV70/87s with handguards?
Regards, Ned"

No longer existing
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Posted - 03/06/2005 : 8:30:27 PM
More info....
I've taken the rifle down, and discovered that the handguard also has an interior spring clip to clamop the barrel. It's very similar to the M95 Dutch rifles and carbine handguards, and the US Krag handguards. So it is firmly held in place with an altered original VV70/87 rear band as well as the inside spring clip.

If this is indeed depot or arsenal work, the list of possibles might include Italy, Ethiopia, the Balkans, Libya, Russia, Spain, you name it.

Regards, Ned
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