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Dear Doug, could you maybe post a photo of this interesting rifle and its markings/stamps ?

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Douglas I. Kerley
Posted - 04/04/2005 : 11:07:06 PM
HI; At the Spokane, WA show I picked up this VV 70/87/15 that has "AOI" in a circle and a kinda Siamese looking crest on the top of the barrel next to the reciever. Any ideas? Doug

Posted - 04/05/2005 : 03:28:37 AM
What you see as a "Siamese crest" could be (a) Ethiopian (b) Indian or (c) Nepalese.( or as mentioned later, Bhutan).
Given the time frame in which these captured rifles moved from East Africa to India (1941-42) and the Position of Japanese-occupied Siam at the time ( from mid-1940) I doubt very much that the markings are "Siamese".
If the mark is a Charkra (a Buddhist symbol) it could be of Bhutan which is Buddhist, but probably not of India or Nepal, both of which are Hindu).

A photo of the marking would be of help.
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