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Vetterli Model 1870 10.4mm ammunition?

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I am very new to this world, the oldest rifle I presently have is a 1909 Mosin-Nagant M/91. And that ammunition is still in use today so finding it isn't a problem.

However, I recently came upon this nice old rifle at my local gun shop. The dealer doesn't know if ammunition for it is still made.

The bore of the rifle looks great, and the bolt works good as well.

Any good sources on ammunition for this rifle?
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Original Vetterli Ammunition:

Althouigh the last 10.4x47R vetterli ammo was manufactured in italy in the 1930s, there is none availbale today.

Best way is to form the cases from .348 Winchester brass, bny several steps.
1. Expand neck to about .43 calibre(11mm), using a tapered expander plug.

2. Size Head of case in a .530 ring die ( .348 cases are a bit bigger than the 10,4 Vetterli)

3. Full length size case in 10,4x47R Vetterli die.

4. Trim to 47mm.

5. Anneal (may not be immediately necessary)

6. Load, using either Black Powder (messy afterwards) or Light loads of fast burning smokeless Powder (as used 1899-1940s), with a .425-430 diameter Lead projectile, similar to RN .44cal projectiles, either store-bought or cast your own (Linotype metal).


BTW, which model Vetterli is it (M70 (Single shot) or M70/87 (Vetterli-Vitali, 4 shot box mag, in Rifle and "Carbine" lengths (TS ) ???
DO NOT Confuse with 6,5mm Vetterli-Carcano of M1870/87/16 version.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
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