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So my Vetterli is supposed to arrive today. As I have mentioned before, it is missing the front sight blade.
The base is there, so I'm planning on making the blade out of aluminum. My cousin works in a metal shop and he should be able to help me.
Now, what I need is the dimensions of the blade. It has a little platform and then the blade itself.
Could anyone please measure the front sight blade and post a little drawing? I greatly appreciate the help.
Thank you guys in advance.

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Looking through my small assortment of 10.4 Vetterlis, I see two different styles of front sight base and sight blade. One blade is pinned to the base and has an offset to the center of the base. The other blade simply taps into the base slot and is held in place by a taper. Recoil aids retenion.

If you can post a pic or tell by my poor description which you have, I will attempt to get something for you using a dial vernier. I am by no means a machinist and measurements will suffer to some extent for that reason. SW
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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