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Posted - 06/17/2005 : 10:44:54 AM
What would be a 'good' Vett. collection, considering what you see at shows and what is so rare you may never encounter it" I have (M70) TS, Cav and Cav prototype (? ), (70-87) Long and TS, (70-87-15) Long, TS, and "police." early and late Beretta .22 conversions and a sporterized long rifle!!!

I know chances of finding a 70 long rifle are like the pot of gold at rainbow's end. How about the 70 'police?' 70-87 cav is said to be rare, is the 'police?' 70/87/15 cav obtainable or 'pot of gold?'

Is there a good reference in English on the Vetterlis?

Posted - 06/17/2005 : 1:40:38 PM
Okay. You got bragging rights ;-).

No good monographic reference yet, and twice not in English. The sporterized long rifles are cute (I have one, in minty condition; Beretta also used to sell them).

Posted - 06/17/2005 : 8:07:27 PM
"Not brag, just fact." Can't remember how I became interested in the Vetts.or when I bought the first one. Do remember a show in FL where I picked up both a cav. carbine WITH B'NET and a .22 Beretta modification for around $300 and walked the rest of the show with a grin "like a jackass eating briars!"

Posted - 06/18/2005 : 9:32:37 PM
Okay Doss,

I'll go toe-to-toe with you on this one! My Vetterli Collection consists of the following;

1 M1870 Cavalry Carbine
1 M1870 "TS" Carbine
1 M1882 Carabinieri Carbine (there wasn't a M70 Carabinieri carbine)
5 M1870/87 Infanry Rifles
1 M70/87/15 "TS" Carbine
1 M82/15 Carabinieri Carbine (the M82s were never converted to 87 configuration)
5 M70/87/15 Infantry Rifles

Based on some rather sketchy information, it is my understanding that the Cavalry and Gendarmerie carbines were never converted to the Vitali box magazine on other than a trials basis. The one that has eluded me that I have encountered in small numbers is the M70/87 "TS" carbine.

I also have an unusual Vetterli that I bought as a shooter than is in Military configuration, but is an intermediate length exactly between a TS and Infantry rifle in length? It doesn't look like a Bubba job, but I have never been able to find anything on it what so ever?

Being a WWI fanatic, I have had no interest in the later alterations. Neat stuff!

Warmest regards,


Posted - 06/19/2005 : 12:27:26 PM
Thanks for your post. Unaware of the carabiniera 82 or the lack of same in the 87 config. For a while I bought every Vetterli I encountered along with every Carcano. When my Italian collection almost doubled the size of the Arisaka collection I started selling Carcanos and then dup. Vetterlis. Down to the Vetts. listed and about 15-20 Carcanos.

Would relly lie to see a good booklet or long article (in English) on the Vetterlis. Not holding my breath.

Posted - 06/22/2005 : 09:52:19 AM
The “unusual” Vetterli in JPS collection sounds interesting.
There are three kind of rifles between infantry rifle and TS length :
Marine model “Bertoldo”
Marine model “Ferracciù”
Cadet rifle
Each one of the above are easy to indentify: Bertoldo model has a tubular magazine beneath the barrel, Ferracciù has a triangular shape magazine and Cadet rifle has standard Vitali magazine.
So now I am curious to know which one JPS has in the rack; all three models are rare.

Cavalry carbines were modified with Vitali Magazine, but not in a large number, for Cavalleria Coloniale (Colonial Cavalry) in Africa. This is a rare model, too.

Regards to all
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