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An OLD friend bought a fairly nice 6.5mm Vetterli Carcano for $25 recently. He went to shoot it, thinking the heavy weight and small caliber would be easy on his shoulder (he's in his late 70's but looks like his late 90's). Problem is, when he brought it to me to find out why it wouldn't go "bang", it doesn't have a firing pin. I took mine apart thinking I could make a replica pin for him, but it's to complicated to turn out easily on a lathe. I've looked at a few normal places online, but found nothing yet. Anybody know where I might find a firing pin, even a broken one that I can repair? I'll pay any reasonable price or make a decent swap for parts or ammo if someone's got one. Wally is bugging me to death to give him my firing pin (which is serial numbered to my rifle). Help!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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