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I am selling a set of reloading tools for an older couple at my church. They were cleaning up "dad's stuff" and brought me these tools. It is a .32 WCF Winchester hand loaidng tool, Winchester New haven Pat. Oct 20, 874, Nov, 7, 82 some corrosion, but nothing terrible. Doesn't have the decapping tool with it. Function is nice and firm, no slop at all. Also have the .32WCF bullet mold with wooden handles, also marked Winchester, New Haven, Conn. In used condition, but not abused. some corrsion or patina. I need to sell these items for them and want some sort of idea of actual retail value.....not an appraisel, what can I realistically sell them for. I registered for a Winchester Collectors Forum, but have to ge approved for that avenue. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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