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Hey guys what is a madi worth? this specific gun has no muzzle break and no threads on the barrel and bayo lug ground off. Additionally it has an aftermarket plastic 1 piece stock on it. What was a fair price prior to the election? Will the furniture from other ak's fit as I hate that plastic crap.

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Not all inclusive but a general recap of Egyptian Maadi imports.
Any variant can be a good shooter but inspect before you buy.

STEYR- only pre-ban Maadi - collector grade AK
ACC/INTRAC - ARM or RPM - nice rifle and reliable build quality
PARS - ARM or RML - nice rifle and reliable build quality
CAI - MISR 90 or 10 - buy at your own risk or walk away. Build issues as a mix of Chinese and Egyptian parts were used. MISR 10 was a low cap variant.
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