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What you have is post-WW2 and I'd hazard a guess that it was made in Germany for a USGI soldier of the occupation army. There is no USGI M3 holster with pigskin anywhere. That buckle is not USGI. The holster is a clone. It may fit a Luger. I've seen such a M3 clone that had a German saddler's mark on it.

You see the stud slot on the shoulder strap where its sewn into the holster? And the shoulder strap itself is narrower than the USGI holster. The strap came off something else. This one of yours was handmade using a M3 as a guide but using materials at hand by the saddler.

This one is genuine USGI WW2 issue to Capt. Frances Messmore, US Army. I bought it from the estate after he passed in 1993. The Colt 1911A1 has been mine for the last 26 yrs. Mfg in 1943. The book is "Infantry Weapons of WW2" by Bruce Canfield. Good general reference.

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