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US Trench Lamp/Candle Holder?

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Picked this up today, at a gunshow. Guy originally bought it in a box full of bayonets. Don't know if it is, what it looks like it could be, but... Same principal as the candle holders made to fit the socket bayonets. You load the candle, from the bottom. Spring pressure pushes it up, as it burns. It doesn't lock in the slot of the M1917, but fits very well. Tried it on several bayonets, but fits best on the '17. Fits the '03 OK, but tilts to the side a little. The metal part is marked: THE SAFETY CO. NEW YORK. Globe/chimney is marked: STAR LIGHT inside a "Star of David" Coincedence? You be the judge.:confused:


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That is very cool!
I have been collecting US Military stuff for quite some time and have never seen such a thing.
I am still pretty sure I do not like you, why don't I ever find cool stuff?
Neither me GUNNUT. I figure, if it is what it looks like it is, they weren't very practical, and not widely used. Probably some mfg. trying to get a Gov. contract. Gus, you're not supposed to like me. I thought about you, the instant I bought it!:thumbsup: I'm thinking about wiring it for a battery, and a "flicker" bulb. I can do that, without altering it in any way.
That would be a great lighting accent for the collections room
That's cool!!! Where did the glass come from?
The glass came with it. Appears to be made for it.
. . . they weren't very practical, and not widely used . . .
You are probably right on that. Best to sell it to me so folks don't point and laugh at you. :)
It is very likely that these were marketed to the families of servicemen (mothers) The marketing ploy would probably have been that these would make life in the trenches almost as comfortable as at home, there is a long list of such things, leather leggings and money belts are two that come to mind off hand.
ps I do not care how lame it is, I still do not like you Trenchy, and I do not like you either Gunnut, for thinking you can jump line in trying to weasle it out of Trenchy,
Very similar to the lamps they used in railway post office cars and in other railroad cars. The chimneys on those are a bit taller.
Seems to me that it would be practical in a "light tight" bunker or maybe even a tunnel.
. . .and I do not like you either Gunnut, for thinking you can jump line . . .
"Line"? I didn't see any line. :>)
It is a wonderful item, and may be made for troops in the field. I can't see it being very durable with the little glass chimney, but then have never seen or heard of one these either. I once pulled a couple of US Army marked rat traps out of an old garage once, and those are pretty scarce. This one deserves more research. .
This thing does require further research. Fitting on a bayonet may just be happenstance. The "bayonet catch", is very prolific in lighting, and photographic equipment. Looks like a production item, with the lug mount added.
hey guys i actually have seen one before at a gun and antique show here guy had one with a couple of old oil lamps and i asked him what it was he siad they would stick them on bayonets and run them through the trenches or in the fox holes for lighting during the nights then he siad they went on to be used through the korean war intill flash lights was a 100% issued item
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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