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Not a Soldier, but a Combat photographer (Civilian)

He has a camera bag over his shoulder, NO military Webbing at all, and the "uniform" is typical Vietnam issue Large Pocket design.
Korean Issue was still a version of Late WW II clothing (smaller Pockets, heavier cloth, different weave.) Also the baseball cap is probably not even Military. And the bayonet, though carried in the approved "Russian" fashion ( dismounted, reversed) is secured with some electrical tape of light colour.

THis is a "Posed" Photo, and I doubt whether it was even taken in South Vietnam.

As to the NVA's Use of M91/30s in Early (anti-French) use, I seriously doubt it. The majority of the equipment used at Dien Bien Phu was Nationalist Chinese Mausers, Arisakas, and US equipment ( from the French, as well as China)...and of course native French equipment.
Soviet design equipment started to trickle in only after the 1960s, and then it was mostly of Chinese manufacture. ( as in the M44/T53 carbines).

Never assume that these collections of "Period" photos and videos are actual "combat" photos...they were "posing" Photos as far back as the US Civil War and the Crimea (1850s 1860s. "Fakery" is nothing new....even if done un-intentionally.

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