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Hey fellows :

Regarding the old issue of US converted Arisakas to 30.06, it was the word among savvy collectors in the mid-1980s that "late" 99s were prefeered for conversion as they no longer had chrome lined barrels, those were easier on the chamber reamers.
Based on the US manual for 99 rifles of that era the converted rifles could be long or short rifle length, early to last ditch. Last month took the cup cake for me while at the Phoenix show, the fellow next door to Odie's tables pulled out from a case under the table a 99 Kokura double circle, ser. # 12XX ( sorry for that didn't write it down ), what took my breath away was the receiver, no dust cover grooves which is a rarity for Kokura Arsenal, and on the left front of the receiver it was stamped US CAL 30 !!!!!
talk about a "last ditch", it don't get any later than that Vern !.
I managed to snag one up 10 years ago, it was a typical LD 10th series that had been sporterized, it took another 10th to get all the wood and bands to restore mine. At the time a CAL 30 was going for 350 to 450, so the 165.00 was a decent price for an uncommon item.
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