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For those of you that responded or remember the troubles I was having, I believe I can now say all is well. I was a bit worried I had purchased a rifle that wasn't going to be much of a shooter. From center to center the farthest shot placement measured 1 3/8". Its a 4 shot group made at 100 yards from a bench and sand bag.

Ammo: Remington 150 grain Core Lokt PSP

Same crappy mounts, same crappy scope!

I just tightened it down nice and tight and used an in-chamber laser bore sighter before going to the range. It was producing overlapping shots at 25 yards when I first got to the range but was shooting high and to the left. Anyway, I tweaked the scope a bit here and there, moved out to 50 and then 100 yards. I know all you fancy sub-MOA guys would have nightmares after shooting 1 3/8" groups at 100 yards, but heck, for a $325.00 pawn shop rifle, she ain't bad! :)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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