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Given our recent discussion of gander mountain ruskie rifles, I went there today. They had only 1 91/30, but was a MO. First date was 1942 Izhevsk, MO'd in 46. I think they wanted $145. Is that a decent price? Stock was nice, 2 cartouches.

As far as the M-44's, I think they had about 6. At least five of them had the triangle 25 above the SN and most had a small star (similar to the tula star stamped on parts) on the side of the BBL. And one of them had all these marks plus a big 98 on the left side of the bbl just above the stock.

Anyone know what the 98 or the triangle 25 or that little star means? If I remember correctly, the 25 mark is unknown, but figured I'd check. All those rifles were about $145.
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