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Posted - 07/25/2006 : 04:00:23 AM
Hello All,
Hoping someone can help me ID this interesting rifle for a friend.
Top of breech has a large crown above a lion.
I recall that it was dated 1870, but my memory may be wrong.

Thanks for any input,
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Posted - 07/26/2006 : 12:24:37 AM
Looks like many of the "Muzzle Loader to breech loader conversions of the time, and the layout of this "Trapdoor type is similar to the Italian Albini conversion, used by Belgium (in their 11mm conversions) and by Braendlin Armoury, for their .577 Snider Conversions for South Australia(Colony).

The central-axis cocking Hammer is typical of Albini-similar conversions, which avoided the details of the Albini Patent, which had a side hammer connected to a central Firing Pin.

The Marking means "Fabbrica Glisenti Brescia ( makers, Glisenti factory, Brescia) and Sista-Prj???Langer-Glisenti could mean "Sistema-PRJ??? Langer-Glisenti ( System ????Langer-Glisenti)
Probably a copy or parallel of the Albini Design.

The large Crown above the Lion could be Luxembourg(Duchy), could be Belgium, could be any number of Small principalities within Italy prior to 1870 (Full unification of Italy).

Check what the calibre is, and we may have a lead on the Customer.

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
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