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Unsuspecting Buyer

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One of the auction sites have a current auction running for a Mitchell's ( i hate to even call it this) K98. I apologize for creating the potential of another rant but I feel bad for the bidders. If you look at the description you'll be very amused or very unhappy depending on the way you look at it. They provided a lot of pics and what a freakin mess. Somehow I wish anyone that's new to collecting would have to do a year at this site with all you guys before they plunk down any money.When I began collecting mausers Mitchell's got me for an M48A. I found this site after I made that purchase. I can't thank you guys enough for educating me and the continuing ed I receive here. My mauser collection is beautiful in my eyes and thanks to all of you I have nothing that's restamped, sanded to toothpicks, buffed or reblued. Thanks to all of you.
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So they DO restamp the numbers. I had always read about that but never have seen closeups verifying it for myself until now.

On a side note, what kind of finish do they put on the stocks? I take it they sand the ever living hell out of them after removing the shellac, but I wonder what they put on it afterward. Tru Oil maybe?
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