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Unsuspecting Buyer

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One of the auction sites have a current auction running for a Mitchell's ( i hate to even call it this) K98. I apologize for creating the potential of another rant but I feel bad for the bidders. If you look at the description you'll be very amused or very unhappy depending on the way you look at it. They provided a lot of pics and what a freakin mess. Somehow I wish anyone that's new to collecting would have to do a year at this site with all you guys before they plunk down any money.When I began collecting mausers Mitchell's got me for an M48A. I found this site after I made that purchase. I can't thank you guys enough for educating me and the continuing ed I receive here. My mauser collection is beautiful in my eyes and thanks to all of you I have nothing that's restamped, sanded to toothpicks, buffed or reblued. Thanks to all of you.
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GB auction is still active so I understand It's prohibited to post link here.
That's the one. Mitchell is the keyword and the seller is telling bigger lies than Mitchell themselves do. The insult to injury is the price!
The RC X has a horizontal line through it so it doesn't look so glaringly like an RC. Aside from the heavily polished and restamped bolt the [email protected]*$k that's selling it is lying through his miserable teeth and I believe he knows it. Look at his other auctions and form your own opinion.
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