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Going through my dad's safe and I dug these out of other boxes of ammo. This is a mixed finding of 6.5x55, 6.5 carcano on clips, 35 rem, 300 savage and 2 unknowns.

Top pic is the 2 unknowns. Top cartridge is a 6.5x55 for comparison.

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Natural material Cylinder

Finger Household hardware Wood Thumb Button
Body jewelry Finger Creative arts Thumb Button
Hand Finger Thumb Button Circle

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First one: Danish made 6,5x55 Swede, 1946, using cases made in Denmark, which had badly formed Berdan Anvils and had to be reworked before final filling.
Also, Bullet design led to excessive metal fouling, and potential Rifle Damage.
Denmark " Borrowed" M96 rifles from Sweden in immediate post war years.
Definitely collectible only.
Second and Third: Both 6,5x52 Carcano, one with Tombak ( GM) Jacket ( WWII), and Mouth Cannelure, and Crimp, Second with Replacement ( Aftermarket) Soft Point Bullet.
Both Military cases by SMI, Italy.
Overall, representative examples for Collection.
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