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I consider Pietta equal to a Uberti, at least these days.
Weeeeelll, maybe sort'a kind'a equal-ish. Both use state-of-the art machining methods today, which makes them on par with each other, as opposed to 35 years ago when Uberti held the edge in craftsmanship.

Of all my newer cap & ball revolvers, I've found them both to be above average quality, compared to models made in the 60-70's. A couple of Piettas needed a little cylinder bolt hand fitting to make them butter smooth nd to index perfectly. IMO, Uberti holds the edge for better quality wood finish.

My only complete loser is an Uberti 1862 Colt that had major problems with wedge fit, and nipple dimensions that required replacement in order to even fire. It will need a MUCH taller sight to even print on paper, and, although a fine looking and feeling revolver, is relegated to the back shelf until I either die of old age, or get around to working on it. It is the only true loser of all the ervolvers I've ever owned. While it is nicely finished, it is also poorly fit.

Given a preference without regard to price, I prefer the Uberti method of stamp clutter ('black powder only' and 'Made In Italy') placed on the barrel under the loading lever, out of immediate view.
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