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Unknown Chinese SKS code??

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As a general rule, I have confined my Chinese SKS collecting to factory code /26\ examples because of the ease in dating them. Today, however, I strayed from that practice in order to acquire an example too nice to leave at the gun shop. It is a spike bayo version, with milled trigger guard, barrel threaded to receiver, but no lightening cut milled into the side of the bolt carrier. The rear sight has a 3 on it.

I think the stylized numbers translate to 0404 and I have not found that code on any list I've seen. I would appreciate any help offered on this one.

The serial number is 70.205265 L . Would this possibly be from 1970 production?

John F.
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I agree, too.....looks like 0404. I haven't seen one with a period between the serial numbers, before. It might mean it's a 1970.
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