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Thank you in advance for your opinions, comments, and advice.

I never thought much about a gun that Ive had for a while, but seeing as I don't get any use out of it, I decided to sell it. I always thought it was a Mossberg 46A, but when researching prices they sell for and such, I haven't found any that are a box mag, and the model says it should be tube fed. The barrel clearly says No.46A and the stock and bolt deffinitely date this alot earlier than th 143/143.

The bluing on the barrel is very deep and has no rust, the bolt, bolt handle, and trigger are a shiny chrome. The stock has the clear missing in spots, but is solid. The stock is definitely not a tube fed stock, it has a No.8 Scope mount and a No.4 scope that works like it was made yesterday.

Can anyone tell me what I have and what a fair price would be for it? Is the scope/mount worth anything?

Thanks again
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