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As I promised, here are more pictures of some of the items from that duffle bag.

Here are a few pictures of an undocumented Japanese winter two piece flight jacket and matching trousers. Both are dated 1944. So fare as weknow these have not been documented any where. These are both fur lined and quite durable. They resemble the IJA summer flight suit set, with noteable differences.
1 Fur lining
2. no belt zippers at sleeve cuffs
4. electri
c hookup for the heated head gear and goggles
The trousers provide the same flexibilites as the summer set with the addition
1. fur lining
2. fur lined pockets
3. no built in belt or ties
4. no zipper at pant cuff, only a button and loo
p to taper the legs to fit into the flight boots.
As always I welcome your comments and views. This thread is merely to aler
t the collecting public that there are undocumented items out there, and to be on the look out for them.
Please tell me wher
e and if these items are shown any where else. My self and a few others, believe that this set is not listed any where else.
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