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That 1899 carbine of A-Square's looks like one I picked up in a trade once.
The bore was corroded out by cupronickel fouling and corrosive primers.
The action was still perfect and the overall condition outside of the ruined bore was good to very good.
It was definitely unsafe to fire though, I couldn't even get a patch down the bore without the hanging shreds of Cupronickel fouling cutting the cloth to pieces. You could see the metal peeling up out of the grooves like strips of chrome off an old rusty bumper.
Near as I can tell someone had fired it alot with old military ammo then left it uncleaned in a closet since before WW2.

Knowing nothing about Krags I had assumed it was a sporterized chop job so I traded it off when I couldn't find a replacement barrel, that was in the late 60's.
I made three times what I had in it, which was probably five times more more than its book value at the time as a wall hanger, but probably a fifth what it would be worth today.

I have a friend who has a family album with photos of his mother's family hunting out west, they are all carrying Krag Carbines like the one pictured.

I'll try to borrow the album and scan the photos.
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