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Can't find 1912 specifically. Found out that pay had been frozen for 30 years and was increased in 1908. Find that 1908 table and you'll find your answer.

Here's 1917. I'm sure in every category it's within a dollar or two of 1912:

Pay Tables for 1917
Field Service Pocket Book, United States Army,
1917, Washington, GPO, 1917

Chapter VII


520. Table of Monthly Pay of Enlisted Men Serving in
Enlistment Periods as Indicated:

Private; private, second class; and bugler:
--Second------- 33
--Third--------- 36
--Fourth-------- 37
--Fifth---------- 38
--Sixth---------- 39
--Seventh------ 40

Corporal (Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry), saddler, mechanic (Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Medical Department), and wagoner;
--Second------- 39
--Third--------- 42
--Fourth-------- 45
--Fifth---------- 48
--Sixth---------- 51
--Seventh------ 54

Corporal (Engineers, Ordnance, Signal Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Medical Department); mechanic, Coast Artillery, Field Artillery; and musician, third class (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers):
--Second------- 39
--Third--------- 42
--Fourth-------- 45
--Fifth---------- 48
--Sixth---------- 51
--Seventh------ 54

Sergeant (Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry); stable sergeant (Field Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry); mess sergeant (Field Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry); cook, horseshoer; radio sergeant; fireman; band corporal; musician, second class (Field Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Engineers); musician, third class, Military Academy:
--Second------- 41
--Third--------- 44
--Fourth-------- 47
--Fifth---------- 50
--Sixth---------- 53
--Seventh------ 56

Sergeant, Engineers, Ordnance, Signal Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Medical Department); stable sergeant, Engineers; supply sergeant, Engineers; mess sergeant, Engineers; color sergeant; electrician sergeant, second class; band sergeant; musician, first class I(Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers); musician, second class, Military Academy:
--Second------- 48
--Third--------- 52
--Fourth-------- 56
--Fifth---------- 60
--Sixth---------- 64
--Seventh------ 68

Battalion sergeant major (Field Artillery, Infantry); squadron sergeant major; sergeant major, junior grade; master gunner; sergeant bugler; assistant band leader:
--Second------- 52
--Third--------- 56
--Fourth-------- 60
--Fifth---------- 64
--Sixth---------- 68
--Seventh------ 72

Regimental sergeant major; regimental supply sergeant; sergeant major, senior grade; quartermaster sergeant, Quartermaster Corps; ordnance sergeant; first sergeant; battalion sergeant major, Engineers; battalion supply sergeant, Engineers; electrician sergeant, first class; sergeant first class (Quartermaster Corps, Engineers, Signal Corps); assistant engineer; musician, first class, Military Academy:
--Second------- 55
--Third--------- 59
--Fourth-------- 63
--Fifth---------- 67
--Sixth---------- 71
--Seventh------ 75

Sergeant, first class, Medical Department; sergeant, field musician, Military Academy:
--Second------- 60
--Third--------- 64
--Fourth-------- 68
--Fifth---------- 72
--Sixth---------- 76
--Seventh------ 80

Hospital sergeant; master engineer, junior grade; engineer:
--Second------- 75
--Third--------- 79
--Fourth-------- 83
--Fifth---------- 87
--Sixth---------- 91
--Seventh------ 95

Quartermaster sergeant, senior grade, Quartermaster Corps; band leader; master signal electrician; master electrician, senor grade; master hospital sergeant; band sergeant and assist and leader, Military Academy:
--Second------- 85
--Third--------- 89
--Fourth-------- 93
--Fifth---------- 97
--Sixth---------- 101
--Seventh------ 105
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