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Does any one have a key to the markings in the metal for the rifles both Italian and Japanese.

I noticed in post #3 above someone had H21.
I also have H21. It is also a barreled receiver and bolt. Bolt had a broken extractor. The broken extractor took a trick to remove. If you have a broken Carcano extractor I can tell you how to remove it. Unfortunately the Italian Carcano extractor is not the same extractor though it does fit the bolt.

I also have I1794.
I1794 came with the follower spring missing but was equipped with a Type 99 web sling with the wire bails.
It turns out the follower is a bent up sheet metal stamping intended for a wire follower spring. Another peculiar part of the follower is the shape.
The raised ridge that staggers the first round into the magazine is on the right side of the follower. The first round in the magazine is positioned to the left of the magazine well.
Does any one have any information on this variation of follower for the Type I or were all Type I followers this type.

A piece of data from a US Marine that faced Japanese rifles on 3 islands, with the preponderance of that time on Guadalcanal. He felt the Japanese rifles were too long and clumsy to use easily.
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