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Hey All - I helped a buddy out recently and he gave me 2 Type 99s for my trouble. I have no need for them so I'd like to put them up for trade. I'd post pics here but its such a royal pain lately. I guess my pics are bigger then the site allows so if you're interested shoot me an e-mail and I'll respond with whatever pics you want.
Type 99 Series 4. Sporter stock with both pieces of wood cut about an inch in front of the front barrel band (boo!!!). Front band with no monopod attachment and rear sling swivel present. Missing metal buttplate. Trigger action/floor plate present. Sight present but missing wings. Ground Mum. Receiver number 86089. Bolt/extractor 089. Early safety 533. Firing pin 533.
Type 99 Series 5. Ground Mum. Receiver number 90564. Bolt 480. No number on extractor. Early Safety 480. No number (at least that I can find) on the fring pin. Bayonet lug 089 (hmmm see above). Stock is nice with all hardward including a front band with monopod attachment (hmmm see above). No pod. The stock does have a very old band of black paint around the front band. Full Length cleaning rod present. Full rear sight present with AA wings.
My first choice is to trade them together as it appears that someone in the past mixed and matched parts between the 2. I'm semi realistic and kwow that whatever value there is in the parts. I would place the value in the $250ish range. Shipping is in the $30ish range to the lower 48. Of course if I make a deal I'll need a cleaning rod right after its done!!!
I'd like to trade for WWII IJA stuff. Original battle flag, oiginal gear - canteen, slings, bayonets (would love one with a frog). I really need a Jensin, Kokura hourglass, and National Denki with just the arrow/M, Type 97 with original scope, all matching with mum and original sling and bringback papers. I'm also on the hunt for a pair of WWII German K98 ammo pouches (1942 would be ideal!!!), WWII US knives, etc. if anyone here braches out. I have my C&R. Think that about does it. Hit me up for any pics or questions - CC
Opps. Just remembered I have 2 repro Arisaka slings to add to the pot if that matters.
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