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Type99 LMG scope adjustments?

Topic author: AZG3
Subject: Type99 LMG scope adjustments?
Posted on: 07/31/2006 4:34:03 PM
Does anyone here know how to properly adjust a Type99 LMG scope? The two I have currently shoot a little left and high and I would like to be able to site them in. Is this possible? I do see the 5 or 6 small screws on the bottom of each scope.

Thanks for any help!​


Reply author: Ronin48
Replied on: 07/31/2006 7:27:20 PM
There is a fellow in the Pittsburgh, PA area that restored one for Trey's Dad, had no optics at all, just a shell. Be worth contacting him, Someone on this Board should have his name/address, if not contact me and I'll go through back B'ZAIs, I advertised for him for a number of months as a member 'service.'

Reply author: Garnett Stancil
Replied on: 08/01/2006 12:33:21 AM
The gentleman's name is: William Biller, 60 Union St., Uniontown, PA. 15401. Phone: 724.438.0399 Email: [email protected] He did an excellent repair job for me. He made the cover plate and several screws. He is friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I believe he will advise you how to adjust the scope if he knows how or if it is possible. I was under the impression that the scope could not be adjusted. Best Wishes, Garnett

Reply author: AZG3
Replied on: 08/01/2006 12:47:04 AM
Thanks guys. I will drop him a line.

Reply author: szeigler
Replied on: 08/02/2006 2:19:52 PM

You will need good quality Optical Spanner wrench set. I also recommend a laser bore sight as well. With that being said I have not attempted to adjust mine, due to lack of time, but I do intend to in the near future.

Anyway, if I remember you loosen the lens with the retcials etched in it. I too recommend calling Bill. He can tell you exactly what to do. This will also work with Sniper scopes - assumming one has the testicular fortitue to attempt it.

Good luck, Shannon

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