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Type 99 Last Ditch Question

Topic author: K98a Man
Subject: Type 99 Last Ditch Question
Posted on: 08/11/2007 3:11:25 PM
Hi Guy's
Today I put a Toyo Kogyo series 35 rifle on layup. This rifle has a full untouched Mum. However, the bolt is an earlier type
. The bore is great and the stock is very nice. My question is what type of bolt would be correct for this series of rifle? BTW, I paid 200.00 for this. I guess I had to have the Mum. TIA.


Reply author: 03man

Replied on: 08/11/2007 3:53:54 PM
One with the rough welded safety, though occasionally the smooth turned safety is seen.
Serial number would be helpful.

Price is about the norm for mismatched, maybe a bit high.

Reply author: K98a Man
Replied on: 08/11/2007 4:08:31 PM
Forgot to mention ser.# is 34169. There is also a small o on the bottom of buttstock. I did not see any other inspection marks.

Reply author: BradB
Replied on: 08/11/2007 5:09:50 PM
Don't assume the bolt is incorrect. Toyo Kogyo rifles had a plumb bolt through the end of production. Even if mismatched, the bolt may be the correct type. TK kept a higher standard of manufacture than Nagoya.

Reply author: jarjarbinks11
Replied on: 08/11/2007 7:24:08 PM
thats true on the bolt. the series is a nice series as it was made right before the end of the war. its an uncommon rifle and i think the price is fair. these are more of a historic rifle than a shooter and almost every 35th i have seen has a mum on it. i own one myself and cannot bring myself to sell it even though i need the room for incoming rifles. my only advic eis dont fall into the "must have a mum or i dont want it" opinion. that will only lead to you spending way too much cash on common guns and perhaps even bypassing a great deal on a rare rifle.

Reply author: CW
Replied on: 08/11/2007 7:51:25 PM
I really like the TK 35th series! I only have one that is mummed, the others appear to have the mum gouged or grinded out. I have one from Rcb (I think) that has a crudely finished plum bolt. I'll drag it out later and take a pic.

Reply author: 03man
Replied on: 08/12/2007 08:54:06 AM
Rifle 34013 had the rough welded safety, 36460 had the smooth turned safety; so it looks like either would be ok for your rifle.

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