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Good day Gents!
I have a Series 2 Nagoya and it's Front Sight Guard is 1 1/4" tall.

Is this an acceptable height for the Series 2 or should it be slightly taller?
All of the remaining Supervisory, Factory and Assembly marks appear correct.

If it is incorrect, what Series does this 1 1/4 height Front Sight Guard belong to?

I'm new to Type 99's and greatly appreciate all comments and statements.
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The sight is correct, earlier sights were 1 and 5/16" tall; the front band could not be removed on these tall sights.

I have tried to PM you with details on the book you wanted, but your PM is not set to receive messages. Please PM me or reset your preferences in the User CP at the top left.

This subject and many others are covered in the Arisaka T99 book.
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