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Type 94 value?

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This pistol has been SPF.

I posted this on the Japanese message board, but thought I'd place it here also, some of you might have an idea as to what it is worth.

Had a fellow that I know call me tonight wanting to know if I wanted to buy a Type 94 pistol. Seems that his uncle brought it back from the South Pacific after WWII. The story being that he had killed the soldier that was carrying it. Anyway, he gave it to his brother years later, who is now in long term care. The son, now has the pistol, but doesn't want it around, so he wondered if I wanted it, or knew of someone that would want it. I know nothing about Type 94's. It has two magazines, and the original holster. I haven't seen it yet, will tomorrow, and take some pictures to post.
My question is, what is a Type 94 worth, ball park?

The bluing has turned to mostly a brown or plum. The bore is bright and shiny thou, this is the only thing that I have cleaned and oiled, other than that, this is the way he handed it to me. I decided I would let the new owner do as he liked to it. Neither magazine matches the gun. The holster has much wear, thou it is still nice and soft, looks to have water stains.
Like I stated, he wants to sell it, just thought someone here would like first chance at it, thou I don't know what it is worth, I do know he turned down $250.00, he feels that it worth more than that.
If you have any questions, or want to see something else, just let me know, I'll take some more crappy pictures.
I shall be posting this on the trader once we decide what to ask for it.
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First liar, doesn't stand a chance!

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