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Here is a very interesting piece. It is a Type 94 Smoke Candle.

The instructions are intact and shown in detail. It would be interesting to know what the 7 steps in the instructions were.


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The body of the candle is manufactured from 24 S.W.G. tin-plate, and a soldered seam runs down the side. The ends are closed with plates of the same material which are recessed and rolled on to the body. Fitted through the top closing plate is a smaller inner container to which is attached the igniter tube of brass. This inner container is secured to the larger one by a supporting piece which is threaded to take a screw on cover. The wooden carrying handle is attached to a metal ring which is secured to the head of the outer container by a nut and bolt.

Both the body and inner container are filled with a C.T.C. type smoke mixture.

(a) Main Smoke Composition.

  • Carbon Tetrachloride 36%
  • Zinc Metal 30%
  • Zinc Oxide 25%
  • Kieselguhr 9%

(b) Primary Smoke Composition.

  • Carbon Tetrachloride 28%
  • Zinc Metal 28%
  • Zinc Oxide 34%
  • Kieselguhr 10%
(c) Igniter Composition

  • Potassium Nitrate 44%
  • Aluminium 16.6%
  • Antimony sulphide 20%
  • Sulphur 16%
  • Ferric Oxide 2.6%

The translation of the label found on the candle, giving instruction for use, is as follows:

a) To ignite the candle, take off the cap and remove the scratch block. Then using its painted surface, rub the igniter head.
b) When the smoke spurts out, do not approach within two metres of the smoke port, as it gives out sparks.
c) The smoke has an extremely high temperature, do not expose the body to the smoke or use the candle near any inflammable material.
d) It is possible to use the candle from moving vehicles or on board ship, as well as on the ground.
e) When used on the ground it should be tipped into the wind.
f) A defective candle can he ignited by setting its smoke port near the smoke port of a candle that is already burning.

When the match head is rubbed it sets off the igniter composition, the thin walls of the igniter tube fall in and the primary smoke composition commences to burn. The walls and base of the primary smoke composition container are also very thin, these are melted and thus the main smoke filling is ignited. Smoke is vented through the hole in the top plate where the igniter is fixed. The burning time of the candle is 2 minutes 21 seconds.

The translation of the nomenclature is :
Model 94 Smoke Candle ( Large ) "A"

Summary of Data:

  • Total Weight 32.5 lbs.
  • Weight of main filling 29 lbs. 2 ozs.
  • Weight of primary smoke composition 3 ozs.
  • Weight of igniter composition 35.2 grains.
  • Length (excluding handle ). 19.0"
  • Diameter 6.0"

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Thanks for the diagram.

30 lbs would make a lot of smoke! I would not want to be anywhere close to that pot.

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Very unusual piece.

How long does it last for, I am thinking it is not like a short time smoke grenade but will last awhile.

Use??? Carried aboard landing craft which are bringing in troops and supplies???
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