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Type 86S

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Knowing that its poor etiquitte to make a first post like this, I'm suitably embarassed, but I hope to get an answer for a classic newbie question.

I have a Type 86S AK that was purchased new (by me) in the late 80's, pre-ban obviously, and other than firing about 100 rounds and attaching the sling, its in excellent original condition with all original equipment, in box. Serial # in the 100s.

I am re-aligning my small collection and have decided to sell the 86S, but I haven't sold a gun in years, never sold one on-line, and I don't have a sense of this gun's worth.

Any advice on current market value, and the best forum or broker site for giving this gun some exposure would be greatly appreciated.

<Edit>Hoping this won't be interpreted as an offer to sell - obviously that's my ultimate intent, but this post is not the vehicle for that, just hoping to gain some knowledge.
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as a no feedback person on Gunbroker you will not get as much as say someone with 62 feedbacks. Then again it seems there are no rules now for anything that has assault in its name!
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