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Type 86S

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Knowing that its poor etiquitte to make a first post like this, I'm suitably embarassed, but I hope to get an answer for a classic newbie question.

I have a Type 86S AK that was purchased new (by me) in the late 80's, pre-ban obviously, and other than firing about 100 rounds and attaching the sling, its in excellent original condition with all original equipment, in box. Serial # in the 100s.

I am re-aligning my small collection and have decided to sell the 86S, but I haven't sold a gun in years, never sold one on-line, and I don't have a sense of this gun's worth.

Any advice on current market value, and the best forum or broker site for giving this gun some exposure would be greatly appreciated.

<Edit>Hoping this won't be interpreted as an offer to sell - obviously that's my ultimate intent, but this post is not the vehicle for that, just hoping to gain some knowledge.
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Not many of those Chinese bullpup AK variants were imported. The price could be north of $1500 in today's market.
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