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Type 38 stuck cleaning rod ( It's Out)Pics added

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Greetings , was taking apart my new to me Type 38 last night and noticed a shorter than normal cleaning rod of some kind in the cleaning rod channel . I've tried driving it out from the rear ,no luck. Even used some ballistol to try to loosen it up . It seems to be a smaller diameter rod . One question I have ,is there a threaded retaining nut that the end of the rod screws into (don't think there is) ,or is it just held in place by the retaining clip at the top ? In the pic of the muzzle end you can see the end of the rod . I'm wondering if this could be a Type 99 (shorter rod) jammed in as the head is a larger diameter than the other end . If I could get the retaining clip out I could possibly get it out but the rod passes thru the retaining clip. I don't want to get too drastic with this as it's a Vet bring back T 38 and is all matching . Or do I just live with it stuck in there ? ANY help/ideas most appreciated !! I posted this in the workbench forum but thought maybe some of you guys might have some suggestions . Thanks !

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I might be wrong but what about a small magnet? Maybe one that is the right shape to fit in the hole?
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