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Type 38 stuck cleaning rod ( It's Out)Pics added

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Greetings , was taking apart my new to me Type 38 last night and noticed a shorter than normal cleaning rod of some kind in the cleaning rod channel . I've tried driving it out from the rear ,no luck. Even used some ballistol to try to loosen it up . It seems to be a smaller diameter rod . One question I have ,is there a threaded retaining nut that the end of the rod screws into (don't think there is) ,or is it just held in place by the retaining clip at the top ? In the pic of the muzzle end you can see the end of the rod . I'm wondering if this could be a Type 99 (shorter rod) jammed in as the head is a larger diameter than the other end . If I could get the retaining clip out I could possibly get it out but the rod passes thru the retaining clip. I don't want to get too drastic with this as it's a Vet bring back T 38 and is all matching . Or do I just live with it stuck in there ? ANY help/ideas most appreciated !! I posted this in the workbench forum but thought maybe some of you guys might have some suggestions . Thanks !

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Thanks for all the reply's. I messed with it several different times today (patients is golden right ? ) and nothings worked so far .This rod is wedged in tight, when i got good contact with a good steel rod on the end of the stuck rod and tapped on it all it did was move the retaining nut toward the muzzle end,not good. I did use a T 99 rod for comparison and I'm 99% sure it's a T 99 rod in there. When I compared the shape/cutouts on the T99 rod to whats in the T38 It seems the large part of the rod is jammed into the retaining nut on the T38 release . I do agree I need another set of hands with this . Tuesday I'm going out of town for work and stop by a good fiends shop who I spoke with earlier about this. Maybe the 2 of us can figure this out . Thanks again for the good ideas.
It's out but it isn't pretty . I'll post pic's tomorrow and it was a T 99 rod . It DID take 2 sets of hands . My main man is someone some of you may know. Thanks Terry !! :thumbsup:
The bad...

As you can see the drilled out part of the rod was jammed and jammed tight into the retaining nut. We spent almost 3 hours trying to get the rod out in one piece until we both became worried that the stock would split at the end or other permanent damage. We both absolutely HATED to ruin a good T 99 rod and retaining clip. Luckily we took our time drilling out the rod and no damage to the stock occurred. Terry gave me another T 38 retaining clip and the rifle is good to go now . Thanks again Terry you da man !!


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