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Type 24 Maxim

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Looking for a run down on the Type 24 Maxim. As I understand it all that are transferable are parts kits built on other maxim plates. So who did the builds? Do the guns run well? Parts available? Thanks
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I have one for a few years now. It's built by "Collector's Corner". When I first got it, it was almost new and took me a bit to tune it. Once you get it to work it works beautifully. (I have Dolf's help in a few occasions)
I know that there are at least 4 T24 in Phoenix area and last year in Kingman Shoot we had 3 lined up side by side.
As Frank mentioned, most of these are in 7.62x54R but I know at least 2 were converted back to 8mm. One additional place was modified is the ejection port.
The parts are not that common any more but some may be modified from other Maxim or interchangable. One good news is that the firing pin is the same as the Vickers.(I had one broke during Kingman Shoot. I didn't bring my spare lock but there was a table selling Vickers stuff. Dolf instructed me to get a few and he replaced the pin on the spot so the gun can continue to shoot.)
The holly grail for these guns are the anti-aircraft parts which includes a tripod extension, belt drum, shoulder extension and spider sight(same as the MG34). No one has them.
I don't know if anyone has the original steam hose. There are at least two differy types of hookup that I know of. I took off the base and use a IMA 08 hose instead.
As is, the gun can use the Russian Goryunov type metal link(flip over) or Russian 1910 cloth belt.
To be correct (WWII setup), you should use the 1917 type of wooden ammo box (as pictured above) and British Gas can as water can.
Post War, Chinese developed an air cool version called T36 (1947) using a Bren type tripod, 1919A4 type heat shield, etc. There were only about 1,500 made and I know MOD has one. May be somebody can take it as project to convert one to that configuration?
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Some of the characters on the right are missing but I'll give it a try:
"Please be aware that the Ejector Spring in the lock has been changed to the new pattern per Notice M67 starting from serial number A9401."
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