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I am thinning out my arsenal a bit. I have pictures of all, some better than others. If you are intersted in any of these please send me an email at [email protected]. Here's what I have:

T-14 Nagoya 4,7 30% blue (?)$650
An assemblage of at least three guns by one of the arsenals, probably the Nagoya Toriimatsu factory. Guns of this type were profiled in a recent article in BANZAI. This gun was used in the author’s research and mentioned. Comes with a holster in poor condition.

T-14 Kokura 10.3 85% blue with rust patches. $850
All matching. Striker and guide not numbered. Significance of gun lies in the fact that it is an all Kokura marked gun manufactured the month before the generally accepted start date on Kokura production of 10.4.

T-14 Kokubunji 11.12 97% blue; marginally lighter front barrel - hard to see. $675
Bolt, cocking piece, barrel, locking block, trigger guard, trigger, mag safety, mag release and mag all match. Grips correctly proofed and marked lightly in pencil, last digit appears to be a last digit of SN on both. Striker and guide both a very dark blue black; may be repros but I don’t know.
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