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I had posted this originally on another forum, forgetting totally about this forum ( BAD me! :( ). Anyway, here's the information on my recent to additions:

#1: Austrian - Steyr M1895 Infantry Rifle - WIN Eagle 17 over stamped with S. There is no visible import marks of any kind that I can find.

The receiver, barrel, bolt & stock #'s all match. Although the stock has been worn by at least 3 or 4 other rifles before being #'d on the right side of the stock to match the barreled action, because on the left side of the stock, there are at least 2 and maybe 3 other #'s which have been struck out.

Detailed photographs may be viewed at:

#2: Budapest - M95 Carbine - it's a Century import, but with a very small CAI, GEORGIA, VT on the barrel, under the front sight. The receiver crest reads:

Budapest M95 - the barrel, however bears no WIN Eagle or date, simply has a large S on it. The barrel is #'d to match the receiver. There is a curious cartouche or mark of some kind on the top of the barrel, just below the S, which to me, looks like a: YV or YK over a 6.

On the left side of the receiver and barrel is the serial #'s which match.
On the right side of the barrel and receiver, just above the wood line are the following:

On the barrel, there is what appears to be: AW - but, on closer inspection, it appears that it might be a Crown W.

On the right side of the receiver, just above the wood line is the number:


running vertically and not horizontal.

The bolt is electro penciled, as is typical with many of the recent imports.

The wood is in excellent condition, with the stock having an arsenal repair where the rear sling swivel was removed from the butt stock. The stock has been renumbered to match the barreled action and has been wore by 2 other rifles/carbines before being matched to this one.

Detailed photographs can be viewed at:

Take a look at this one, if you can. This is the 2nd Budapest carbine that I've received that has apparently been re-barreled and bears no dates. This one, at least has some cartouches and indicates that it's been re-chambered to the 8X56R, while the other one I have, has nothing on the receiver to indicate whether it's in 8X56R or possibly still in 8X50R.

Take a look and tell me what you think.



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