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(Also posted in the WWI forum)

Having returned from a trip to Copenhagen I'd like to show what I found at a local market at Kongens Nytorv. Among odds and ends, what do I see? An Iron cross class, no less. I'm pretty sure that it is a legit late war Iron cross. No makers marks. Also I found an old miniature Iron cross pin, I suppose that this will have been used on civilian clothing?

So, here goes.

The Iron cross class is heavy. It appears to be Iron which has been copper coated, then silvered. The pin is brass. It shows a lot of what appears to be honest wear.

The miniature has less detail. It appears to have been made of copper rich bronze.

So, all comments are welcome.... :)


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There are stick pin minitures of about all the WW 2 medals. I'm not sure if that applies to the WW 1 stuff.
Neat find. I'd like to have the stick pin miniture to add to my Iron Cross collection.
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