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Two BSA Martinis I brought back/ game keepers rack

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Good Day,
I was fortunate when I was stationed in England that I found two decent BSA Martini rifles and brought them back to the US upon my return. I purchased a Martini International MkII and Model 12 (marked Society of Miniature Rifle Club) for target shooting. Both pieces are in good working order but the trigger on the Model 12 seems a bit heavy. Possibly a burr has developed and I need to smooth it out a bit.

While in the UK, I was with a friend one weekend and we stopped in a village antique fair on a Sunday. I saw this Norfolk game keepers (cottage) shotgun rack in the corner and didn't hesitate popping down the 50GBP asking price. Its not a common find and reminds me of a shooting era too long gone. I can't think of a better way to display them.

Best Regards,


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Prices like that excite me, almost give me heart palpitations.
In Oz we would pay double that and think it's cheap.(not for a buggered about one though.)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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