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Back again from Tulsa and will post the usual report as seen from my eyes.

Went Friday and set up, drove the two hours home and went back Sat. for the weekend. In the little time I was able to watch other exhibitors unpack on Friday I did spy a primo 1919 Carl Gustaf 1896 Swede and was shocked when he offered it for $250. I did not even quibble and took it at that price. The nice ones have really gone up the past year or so, and this appears to not have been fired since last rearsenal. Unmarred buttplate, new matching dark stained beech stock, and pretty much 100% overall. Made the drive home shorter.

Spent yesterday with friends acr, Phil, and Mitch. Did not wander much, but instead watched Phil have pretty much a banner day with many sales. Still fun and did move along a 91/30 sniper, and three bayonets to avoid the shut out. Today an Albie Sks also found a new home. I ended up trading for a 96/38 Swede (my Siamese Mauser and boot) which gave me the last Swede I really needed to have the more common variants (94 carbine, 96 CG, 96 Husky, 38, 96/38, 96 target sighted, CG63, 96 sniper M41B, 96 sniper AGA42). Now just that pesky AGA44 sniper is really needed to satisfy my needs. I also got a 1927 Hackman Finn bayonet for $125.

Speaking of Swedes, a collection of some 21 rifles and a couple of extras (96 and 38 barrels. etc.) was being offered at $13,000 as of today noon. I believe it had Six 96's, eight 38's, one Ljungman sniper, five 94 carbines, one M41B, one AGA 42, and a later sniper version, and a Hakim, or thereabouts. All were nice or better, but priced that way.

Met Ted again and Dennis the K, along with Tom, and some other Gunboards types (yeah you know the type) and renewed friendships, and met Vic for the first time. Looked like I hadn't been missing much...... :D. Had a great time and enjoyed meeting Vic and talking gun stuff with everyone.

Finally got to walk a little today and observed the usual gunshow offerings and prices. Many Enfields of 1917 from $450-$575. LOTS of 1903's, 03-A3's, Garands, and carbines direct from CMP. Virtually all priced $2-300 over the CMP tariff. Some Russian guns with more 1891's than the recent past and priced from $150-$200 which is down from last year. A scattering of Finns well priced to remain in the hands of their current owners, and many Enfields (especially the Indian .308's) at $200-$300. I am sure there were also many bargains, but you had to work hard for them. I did not even look at pistols this trip.

In Mausers the offerings were scattered with fewer M48's than in the past and not a lot on any one particular group. Some Turks, a Peruvian or two, several 1895 Chileans, some K98's, and just a small number of Czech guns (m/m 98/22's $250, m/m Vz 24's $250, 98/29 $750 !!). The prices I observed were from average ($200-$300) for m/m guns and really high for the few which matched. Spanish Mausers (1895, 1893, 1916, 1943) were seen and also were priced from $235 for 1916 m/m carbines up to $450 for the 1895 carbine (with sanded stock). 1896 Swedes were in the $300-$450 range regardless of condition and one could find a nice one for the same price as the lesser conditioned ones. All 1938 short rifles that I saw were $375 or up.

I did have a wonderful 30 minute conversation with Noel Schott, the semi legendary author and collector. What a fine old fellow. Very opinionated and a bit salty now at 77, he was a delight to get to know. He was there with his best girl and she seemed to have him pretty much figured out. He told stories and I listened. I bought a contract Mauser sling from him, and at the end of our conversation he gave me a little accessory I will treasure. Made the whole trip worthwhile.

That's it. Time for these tired old bones to hit the sack.

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Sounds like a good time. I too am hunting the elusive AGA 44 sniper. Do any of you other Gunboards guys travel to Tulsa?? I'm thinking that might be a good trip for me to make next year??

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You must have been shopping on the top floor. Us peasants on the lower
level were surrounded by Mausers. One table had a '95 Chilean, mint,
originally belonging to the Paul Mauser collection. Good show!! Silly prices, Long drive (Mexifornia).
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