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Tula 1931 91/30 *Pics added*

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Saw one in a local shop and it was very nice looking...fairly discreet import marking on it...well it's better than the century billboards anyway. Took it home and it looks like a typical refurb except the crown looks a little "off".

When I say "off" I mean a normal refurb crown looks like a perfect "cheerio" of silver metal. This one has a "thin area" of silver crowning that makes it look sort of oval. (I'll post pics later)
The barrel is NOT counterbored. I hope it shoots OK. It's matching numbers rifle and is an attractive little thing.

Any of you guys encounter any weird looking crowns like that?

The pics of the two crowns--the left one is one I consider "normal" and the right one is the one that looks a little "off". I lightened one of the pics trying to show some detail.


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If not CB'd, then I would venture......Cleaning rod wear....

It sure looks counterbored from pictures you posted.
Let's us know how it shoots.
Looks like rod wear. BTW, that is one of the nicest prewar Tula barrel shanks I have ever seen! Look how straight all the serial no. and markings are! Superb!
It looks like it's counterbored. Does the rifling abruptly stop an inch or inch and a half from the muzzle of the gun? If so, it's a counterbore. No worries, it probably needed it and should have any affect on accuracy. I have a counterbored 1944 Izhevsk sniper, and it holds a very tight group @ 100 yds.
I have to agree with the others, it sure looks counterbored to me. If it is not counterbored, I cannot imagine a scenario where the rifle would shoot accurately. Does the rifling go all the way to the crown? Have you done a "bullet" test?
I have been looking at this much closer--it has rifling going to the end of the barrel--the crown looks like it was "kissed" ever so slightly with whatever cutter or mill that they crowned it with.

I've attached a couple of more you can clearly see that from 11.00 o'clock to about 4.00 o'clock part of the inside crown is cleanly machined.

The cut seems to be in the crown surface itself and does not appear to touch the rifling at all.

I did the bullet test and the muzzle is worn...the bullet goes in a little further than my other 2 refurbs but does not "drop in" to case neck.


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I'm guessing counterbored, also. In any case, it's a beautiful specimen and needs to be shot! It's not impossible that it's a very accurate rifle. (ETA: We were typing at the same time. I still think you should shoot it and it will likely be fine.)
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