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Tubata carcano rifle

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If a carcano is marked Tubata on top of barrel knocks form doesn't this mean barrel was
lined using the tubata process? If so does this hold up under normal use?
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"Tubata" ( Italian "Tubed"): A repair process for worn-out barrels in the 1893-c1910 period, for M91 Barrels which had "Burnt out" by the use of hot and erosive Ballistite Loaded M91/95 6,5 cartridges (before the introduction of "Solenite", a much "cooler" propellant.)

The System obviously held up well, since there seems to be no differance in the Issue and Use of "Tubata" Rifles during WW I, nor any particular notations regarding Problems in service.

For Nowadays Use of a "Tubata" M91, care should be taken, as with any 100-year-Plus Rifle, as to what Loads one uses, especially when handloading.

Doc AV
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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