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TT-33, what ammo isn't safe?

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I am awaiting delivery of a Polish TT-33, looks very new. After reading through some threads, I have come to be concerned about what ammunition I can actually use with it. I've heard rumors about the dreaded "Czech surplus" so I'm obviously staying away from that. AIM lists the Romy 7.62x25 on the same page as the Romy TT-33 they sell. I'm going to *guess* that it's safe to use but anyone wanting to assuage my fears, feel free. I also have some Yugo 7.62x25 coming.

Anything else I need to watch out for? Winchester/S&B loaded too hot, etc?

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Using what is supposedly Romy, headstamped 84 (1984?), kicks like an elephant, lots of split cases…how does such a small pistol stand up to this abuse? Thinking lower grain handloading may be the answer here. Not for the timid.
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