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I have one; those are ultra-scarce over here. Mine was made in 1939 and reblued in some point of its life (Probably here). According to some old collectors, the 3 or 4 imported came as gifts to military Officers visiting commie countries (Mainly Russia or Cuba) in military material purchase delegations or something like that in the late '60s or early '70s. I've seen at least one in its presentation case at a local museum.

7.62x25mm. ammo was never imported here; .30 Mauser is also VERY scarce and reloading is a no-no, so I use a 9mm. barrel to shoot it (Original 7.62 Tokarev mags work OK). Handling is awful but since I'm a WWII buff, I can live with that and its hideous looks.

Bought it from a retired military officer. When I asked to be issued with the proper gun license, local "BATF" labeled it as a Makarov, and in .380ACP caliber; I told them that such data was wrong, but I was "corrected" by the "expert" in charge of gun registry. Learned since little not to argue about trivialities with a fool with bureaucratic power, so a .380ACP Makarov it is :p
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