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I few more pictures. I went ahead and got it.
I don't think the stock has been messed with. The cosmo is still in the crevices and the bolt seems to have been peened. I think if it was sanded or stripped, the metal adjacent to the wood would show evidence since I don't think the bolt can be removed. In the picture you can see the peen which did have cosmo in the peens until I picked it out with the plastic pick. I was going to take it down and give it a through cleaning, but I'm thinking I will just do what I can with a plastic pick.
I'll look up and see what the difference in a pinned barrel and a threaded one. I'm not sure what difference that makes.
On the trigger, I included a closer picture. Not sure if that adds info or not. This has the cleaning kit with it as well.
Every number I have found stamped matches the receiver: receiver, rear housing, stock, trigger guard, magazine, bolt, bolt carrier. I could not find numbers on the bayonet, cleaning rod, cleaning kit, or butt plate.

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Wood Material property Eyewear Font Tints and shades

Picture of the bayonet cutout.

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I think you have a pinned barrel version instead of the screw in type.
Third pic in the OP clearly indicates a short collar threaded barrel. It's a 1966 /26\ with matching numbers and a heavily sanded stock. Not taking away from others' opinions on origin or value. But it's clearly no longer a solid collector's piece, and should be considered primarily as a shooter, $250 gun IMO. I'm a collector and wouldn't buy it.

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The stock is most certainly not the original factory finish. The original finish would be a shiny, (possibly yellow/orange tinted) shellac that might still be evident on your upper handguard:

If you look at the photo you uploaded here you can see the "soft" edges around the stamped serial number (especially the last 3) indicating that it has been sanded pretty heavily. The very dark portion within each of the letters are where the BLO (or whatever oil that was used to refinish it) collected and dried. I suspect this is what you're seeing in the bayo groove and around the crossbolt as well.

It is a short threaded barrel lug, factory /26\ rifle most likely dated to 1966. Martin is dead on with his analysis, as usual. :thumbsup:

It's a nice little type 56. For $340, you got yourself a good shooter. The $300 Type 56's currently available at Classic are generally not in as good of shape as this one.
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