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Buy it. That would be a $450 rifle out here. Even the beaters are $300 out here, plus tax.
You could perhaps buy one at auction for about that, but then you'd pay shipping and couldn't actually see it first hand.
The other option is to buy a couple of the Royal Tiger early blade-bayonet "ghost rifles," but there you take your "cracked-stock" chances and may get some seriously worn rifles.
This one looks like a good shooter at a reasonable if not cheapo price and you will be happy.
Also, your wood is much better than what I usually see as the "export" Norincos often came with softer and far less desirable stocks.
(I had one of the $99 Norinco specials back in the day with a stock of fairly green soft wood that needed immediate swapping - the stock looked like a reject from a Chinese furniture factory!)
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