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I've read that pre-XLR 1895s in .45-70, .450 and .444 Marlin often have feeding issues with the new Hornady ammo. The XLR series rifles incorporate a reprofiled carrier which eliminates the problems. Replacement carriers are/were available from Marlin, IIRC, but it's supposedly not a DIY replacement. How much the part is and who does the work for how much, I don't know.

Given that, it wouldn't surprise me if 336s showed the same issues. My own Marlins (early 1895G and 35+ year old 336 in .35 Rem.) haven't seen any of the new ammo yet, as what hunting I do with them is more-than-adequately covered with my more conventional handloads. Frankly, if I'm hunting in country where I think a 200 yd. shot might be called for I'll almost certainly be carrying another rifle anyway.

Ordinarily, I'd recommend a call to Marlin's CS/Tech folks for a definitive answer. From what I've been hearing that might be semi-frustrating at the moment. Since the acquisition of Marlin by Remington there've been a rash of irate posts on other sites regarding difficulty reaching anyone to talk to about a problem and/or less-than-friendly response from the rep when they finally did. I've not run into this myself, as I haven't had any problems with any of my own Marlins in years. Still, you might want to give them a try before you start tweeking anything.

Another resource that may be more easily accessed might be Brownell's tech advice. They're first-rate.

Hope this is of some help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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