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Just got back from a trip to the PRM to satisfy the wife's desire to visit her relatives and some old friends. The trip was planned to be on the cheap, staying with relatives. That plan got shot before I even got off the plane, and most of the trip was spent in hotels. Not being able to plan ahead, and not having internet access for the most part, I was at the mercy of the "hospitality" industry, in the high season for "leaf peepers" in New England. One thing I learned once again, is that last minute motel reservations, even expensive ones, do not guarantee that you won't end up in a dive.

I did get to stop at a few gun shops, and since all my wife's plans were shot anyway, she did not complain. We did have a few adventures though. We stopped at one shop and while he did not have anything I was interested in, it turned out that he and my wife knew each other. He was once married to her cousin. Small world. My adventure was walking into a shop that had a lot of Mosins. One was a Westinghouse, and the other was mint Polish wz. 91/98/25. I had visions of walking out with it on the cheap for a moment, but it was not to be. Not only did he know what it was, it was not for sale. The rifle was a beauty, all matching and near perfect metal. Oh well. I passed on the Westy, and the rest were common M44s and 91/30s, but he had a lot of Mausers and other stuff. Nice guy, a nice shop, and we had a good conversation. Two other shops were pretty much empty, and one that I really was looking forward to was closed to set up for the Big E show last weekend. Peaking through the dark window I saw a lot of potential, and the owner might be a relative of an old friend that we missed seeing on the trip.

I did get to visit my cousin and her husband, and take a close look at a few rifles he bought at a recent show in MA. I could say he stole them, but that would be unfair. He got there early, knew what they were, negotiated with the sellers, and took them home at a price that would make most people drool.

I'm burned out from driving and flying, but I got to get up early in the morning to head for Beaufort SC. I know a few shops along the way, and have scored there once or twice. Given the money I spent on the trip, anything I find will have to be a killer deal.
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